Customized Aseptic Training Provides a Powerful Learning Experience

Let QSC experienced trainers engage your workforce in an interactive and highly effective learning experience designed to control contamination in your facility.

Aseptic Training 

Our fully customized Cleanroom Training program entitled Contamination Control Basics provides a fundamental, working knowledge of the potential for contamination in a Cleanroom training and how to control it. The course is customized to target client-specific technologies and needs. It is delivered on-site and is geared toward the operator as a major source of contamination and threat to product quality. 

Effective Aseptic Training

Through instructor-led discussion, team participation, and demonstrations, personnel learn the fundamentals of contamination control and good aseptic technique as it pertains to their manufacturing process, specific product type and facility/equipment design. Using site specific environmental and process-related monitoring data, personnel are presented with data trends and metrics to visualize the effectiveness of their contamination control programs.

Target Audience: Line Operators, Support Personnel (EM, mechanics, QA), Supervisors/Managers

Course Content

Contamination Control Basics Part 1

Contamination Control Basics Part 2

• Understanding Contamination
• GMP/Regulatory Requirements
• Compliance Trends
• Basic Industrial Microbiology
     • Types of Microorganisms
     • Growth and Reproduction
     • Sources of Cleanroom Contamination
     • Reduction/Elimination
• Measurement Systems
• Site Specific Data Trends and Metrics

• Controlling Contamination
• Overview of Contamination Control Programs
• Cleaning and Disinfection
• Material Transfer, including entry into ISO 5
• Aseptic/Controlled area Gowning
• Material, Personnel and Equipment Movement
• Aseptic Technique / Working in an ISO 5 (Grade A) area
• Interventions during Aseptic Processing

• Team Review: Contamination Control Feud • Written exam


A two- to three-day preliminary observation and assessment is performed on site prior to customization and delivery of the Cleanroom Training program to ascertain fundamental strengths and weaknesses in the contamination control program. Recommendations for improved practices are provided, as applicable. Information gained from the assessment, including specific examples, is utilized during the course presentation to enhance the learning experience of the participants as it relates to their daily operations.