Gain and Re-Establish Control
of The Cleanroom

QSC Consultants will work directly with operational to management level personnel to enhance the microbiological control of your manufacturing and testing environments.

Contamination Control Programs

QSC specializes in the development and implementation of the following:

Programs that control contamination

• Facility Design / Environmental Controls
• Cleaning and Disinfection (facility surfaces, equipment)
• Aseptic and Controlled Area Gowning
• Aseptic Training / Good Aseptic Technique
• Material Transfer
• Material/Personnel / Equipment Flow and Movement
• Use of Isolator and Barrier Systems
• Sterilization / Validation
• Bioburden Reduction

Controlling Your Cleanroom

Contamination Control Systems

Programs that measure the effectiveness of the
Contamination Control Systems

• Environmental Monitoring
• Personnel Monitoring
• Bioburden Monitoring / Testing
• Endotoxin Testing
• Sterility Testing
• Critical utility systems monitoring
• VHP Decontamination